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The Remington Solar™ Solar 25 Watt Attic Fan is a simple and environmentally sensible solution that can save you money. Powered completely by free solar energy, this sleek and efficient vent is both compact and quiet. Fully operational right from the box, it installs easily, with no electrical wiring, no expensive electrician and city permits. Place it wherever you need improved circulation such as attics, lofts, workshops, storage sheds, garages, even barns.

    • Up to 2,000 sq/ft attics
    • Tiltable panel
    • Constructed of high performance steel.
    • Flashing and shroud are seamless ensuring weather tight installations.
    • Stainless steel animal protection screen.
    • Stainless steel hardware throughout.
    • Powder coated to withstand any environment.
    • Texas Windstorm Certified
    • NOT Miami-Dade Certified

$399.00 $349.00

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110V Hybrid Power Adapter

Turn your Remington Solar attic fan into a plug-and-play hybrid. Here’s how it works: Your Remington Solar attic fan will run on the solar panel. When the sun goes down, normally, your fan would stop, even if your attic is still hot. If your attic is above 80 degrees F. after dark, then the “smart sensor” will draw from your house power and keep the fan running until the attic temperature drops below 80 degrees. 3 year warranty on adapter.

$129.00 $79.00