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Have an above-ground pool? Have a below-ground pool? Tired of putting chemicals in your pool? [...]


SolaMist Discussion HERE

Are you interested in mosquito and insect misting? Wondering why the professionally installed system quote [...]


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Our corporate staff is committed to customer service. Please feel free to share you comments [...]


Become a SolaMist Distributor at $499 MSRP + Installation

If you would like a competitive edge of the “other” backyard mosquito misting folks, imagine [...]

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YouTube Ionizer Customer Review

One of our privileged customers, David King in Florida, loves our Remington Solar Ionizer. Thanks, [...]

Here’s a great informative Remington Solar Review

Dear Murray, Thank you for your follow-up on my attic fan purchase. Once I knew [...]

Expect 220lbs+ of water in your attic this winter

This PDF document was a research study that shows that humidity and moisture in houses [...]

SolaMist Mosquito Misting System Is Sweeping the Country

Can you feel a new wind blowing? There’s a gentle (and environmentally friendly) mist that’s [...]

Why Buy a Solar Attic Fan when an Electric Fan is Cheaper?

Why would you spend $300-$400 (assuming you’re considering Remington Solar) for an attic fan when [...]

Best Solar Attic Fan in the World –

According to, Remington Solar is the “Best Fan in the World”. This is a [...]