Why Solar?

Remington Solar’s products are all unique, interesting, and useful. Since most of our products are our creations, we own the patents and trademarks.  We love our customers and want everyone to be happy. We are “mad scientists” who invent cool solar products, and we are thrilled when our customers enjoy our products. We’re just sorry […]

New SolaMist Dealer Announcement

For Immediate Release (Dallas Texas)  – June 18th, 2019 Remington Solar, Inc is pleased to announce it’s latest pest control service partner Green Pest Pro in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Murray Smith, president of Remington Solar, Inc (Dallas) says, “We are excited about our new North Carolina presence with Green Pest Pro. Their natural pest control […]

BuildWithRise.com Recommends Remington Solar

Look what BuildWithRise.com says about Remington Solar attic fans. Remington Solar Remington Solar offers 20, 25, and 30-watt solar attic fans. Unlike other products, these solar fans are priced on par with electric attic fans. For example, the 30-watt solar attic fan has the ability to actively cool over 2,200 square feet of attic space and […]