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Fire the repair man

When your attic begins to collect heat in the summer, and then releases warmth in the winter, your a/c unit and the shingles on your roof take on double the work of keeping your home and your utility bills efficient. insulation has proven to only provide temporary benefits. Attic fans, however, offer the solution to happy and comfortable home all year around. some of the many benefits include:

  • lowered monthly utility bills,
  • longer life for your a/c unit
  • one less repair main to call

Remington Solar’s use of polycrystalline solar technology extends the benefits further. With whisper quiet fan blades, sleek design, and more ounce for ounce power than the competition, our fan is the best choice. backed by our limited lifetime warranty, and federal tax rebate, there’s just no guess work about it. but before you buy any attic fan, its important to know a few key details about your home.
we can help..

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