Dear Murray,
Thank you for your follow-up on my attic fan purchase.
Once I knew that the fan was shipped from your facility, I immediately scheduled a roofer for the installation-36 hours later my fan was on the roof…!
The fan has made a very positive difference in the inside temperature on the upper level.  The fan has dropped the inside temp. (upper level)  from about 80 degrees to about 72 degrees.  This is during the afternoon when full sun is hitting the roof.  A very distinct difference in comfort level.  Ahhhh…..what a nice relief…!
I have a two-story home in the Washington, DC Metro area (Maryland side) where temps and humidity can get very high in the summertime.  However, this summer hasn’t been as back as past summers.  None-the-less, the fan has made a big difference in comfort.  Air conditioner (AC; via heat pump) is on 24-hours a day for controlled temperature.  The AC has not run as often since installation, definitely saving energy.  However, I haven’t received my monthly utility bill to realize the actual savings.  It will be difficult to calculate ($$) as I had a new high-efficiency heat pump installed just a few days prior to the fan installation.
As an interesting fact, my roof has a ridge vent across the length of the roof.  Some 20-years back I called my local electric company about installing a roof attic fan especially since they were espousing “energy savings” at the time.  They argued that it was totally unnecessary to install an attic fan as the ridge vent served the same purpose and in addition could harm the effect of ridge vent.  My ignorance at the time, I believed them.  Also, now as I look back at this, they were totally wrong and were misinforming their customers.
My apology for writing a lengthy email, but an attic fan is an absolute must to have installed.  By riding of the hot air build-up in the attic, It helps cool the home and the comfort level is unbelievable different.  With me telling you this is like preaching to the choir.  I’m sure the fan will help provide a better life for the actual roof itself.
Also, I want to ‘thank you’ for speaking with me and talking about the various fans.  You definitely educated and informed me.  Additionally, I’m glad that I upgraded to the 30-watt power fan as I believe it has help make a difference too.  The fan gets a 5-star rating…!
I’ve done the product registration and also already filled out the tax forms.  Thanks.
Best Regards, Ben
Benjamin P. LXXXXX, PhD, RPh, RAC