Remington Solar is pleased to announce its new affordable swimming pool ionizer.

Our solar water purifier protects your pool against microorganisms by transforming your water into biologically healthy and algae-resistant mineral water. Using a safe and effective low power output, the Remington Solar water purifier acts as a trickle charger to generate ions from the sunlight – a process called solar ionization. Remington Solar Pool Ionizer

We have recreated a product with time-tested proven technology that destroys algae and bacteria in your pool.

The Remington Solar water purifier is the only purifier that, in addition to generating beneficial mineral ions, collects undesirable minerals such as calcium and iron. This has the effect of softening your water. The sacrificial mineral electrode is designed to slowly erode away, and in the process will form a scale buildup which will require occasional cleaning. Additionally, the spring electrode may form a calcium scale and Solar pool ionizer accessoriesshould also be cleaned. The initial rate of buildup will be quicker in harder water, and will slow as the water becomes progressively softened. It is advantageous to clean them weekly as heavily scaled electrodes will restrict electrical flow and slow the ionization process.

If you are interested in a cheaper alternative to the Floatron pool purifiers, then this product is for you.

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