SCRATCH AND DENT Remington Solar Attic Fan 25 Watt BLACK


Sometimes a customer buys 3 fans and returns 1. Sometimes that return is scratched, dented, or has curled flashing…typically from shipping. We can sell you these TESTED fans will our FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these fans. We sell so many Remington Solar attic fans, we’re bound to get a few returns, and we need to clear out the room in our warehouse. We have discounted this fan so it’s a win-win for you and us!

The Remington Solar Solar Attic Fan is a simple and environmentally sensible solution that can save you money. Powered completely by free solar energy, this sleek and efficient vent is both compact and quiet. Fully operational right from the box, it installs easily, with no electrical wiring, no expensive electrician and city permits. Place it wherever you need improved circulation such as attics, lofts, workshops, storage sheds, garages, even barns.

Texas Windstorm Certified. NOT Miami-Dade Certified.

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