20-Watt Gable Mount (Remote panel) Solar Attic Fan

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gable Now you can cool and ventilate your attic or garage using Remington Solar’s new powerful 20-Watt (1,280 CFM) gable-mount solar attic fan. The Remington Solar Gable Ventilation Attic Fan is completely powered by free solar energy. This American-designed fan is designed to reduce attic temperatures and remove destructive moisture, thus making your home more comfortable and reducing the load on your HVAC system and lowering your electricity bills. In the winter, this fan reduces the risk of ice-damming. Our stylish, powder coated steel, 20-Watt fan will effectively ventilate up to 1,800 sq. ft. (or more) of attic space. This is the least expensive high-quality fan, feature-for-feature, available. Each fan comes with a built-in humidistat and thermostat. Lifetime limited warranty (non-transferable).

  • Includes 20 ft. of power cord
  • Designed for tile roofs or “shady” roofs which require a different panel location
  • All aluminum construction (no plastic)
  • 1 Hour installation
  • Humidistat and thermostat pre-installed in each fan ($40 value included free)
  • High quality polycrystalline solar panel with powerful, yet quiet brushless 24-Volt DC motor
  • Compare wattage to other brands and you’ll see this is the lowest-priced high-quality solar attic fan in the USA
  • We outsell and beat competitors’ warranty because we use expensive brushless motors

This is the best solar attic gable-mount fan sold in the USA. Includes 30 foot power cord to give you the flexibility you need to put your panel in the sun and the fan against your gable. Works great for garages, too!

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