660 CFM Black Solar Powered Roof Mount Exhaust Fan

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The Remington Solar 660 CFM Solar-Powered Roof-Mount Exhaust Fan will help remove excess heat and moisture from your small attic to protect your roofing system from premature deterioration. This fan is ideal for small attic spaces, garages, tool sheds, chicken coops, utility spaces, greenhouses, and shipping containers. The Solar Powered fan requires no wiring, uses no electricity, and works with your existing intake vents to help lower the temperature in your attic. The 12-Volt DC brushless motor provides airflow up to 660 CFM and requires no maintenance. The impact resistant, 10-Watt solar panel has a tilt to provide ideal sun exposure. Recommended usage for this unit is 1 unit per 900 sq. ft. of attic space with a minimum intake ventilation of 300 sq. in. of net free area. Comes in black only.

  • Perfect for green houses, shipping containers, tool sheds, chicken coops, garages, small attic areas
  • Tilt able panel allows optimal angle for power
  • No battery – solar only
  • No thermostat. Turns on when the sun is out. Turns off when the sun is not.
  • Low maintenance 10-Watt 12-Volt brushless DC motor
  • All steel construction with wildlife guard

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