Scratch-and-Dent 40 Watt Green House Solar Ventilation Fan


Sometimes a customer buys 3 fans and returns 1. Sometimes that return is scratched, dented, or has curled flashing…typically from shipping. We can sell you these TESTED fans will our FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these fans. We sell so many Remington Solar attic fans, we’re bound to get a few returns, and we need to clear out the room in our warehouse. We have discounted this fan so it’s a win-win for you and us!

Using free sunlight, the Remington Solar 40-Watt 1,875 CFM Greenhouse Ventilation fan combines new high-power output with low maintenance technology. This solar (110-Volt hybrid-ready) ventilation fan is optimized for growers in all greenhouse environments. This cost effective solution allows green house growers to maximize their crops with pre-set thermostat and humidistat settings. With a limited lifetime warranty on parts and components, this solar ventilation fan offers an affordable solution for greenhouse growers.

The fan installs in less than 45 minutes, and is made from heavy powder-coated steel (no plastic). With a powerful 40-Watt solar panel and 9 feet of extension cord, this fan will give you installation flexibility. The 110-Volt plug-and-play hybrid power adapter (sold separately) will allow the fan to run in evenings if necessary.

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