*With a Remington Solar attic fan, your insulation customer can now get up to a 30% federal tax rebate on labor and material.**

What would that do for your sales?

How is this possible?

The IRS has attractive rebates for homeowners using solar. Remington Solar attic fans have qualified for this rebate for years. Insulation contractors (customers of ours) around the USA have been installing Remington Soalr fans on their jobs. Customers have been able to take the rebate on much of the insulation job, sometimes including labor and materials, because the Remington Solar attic fan is required to ventilate the entire attic, reduce the temperatures in the attic for HVAC equipment to perform properly, and enable their new insulation to perform more efficiently. Look at DSIREUSA.org for additional rebates and incentives in your area. Consult with your CPA about specific rebates, deductions, and incentives that can make Remington Solar attic fans an attractive incentive for your insulation bids.**

By the way, Remington Solar attic fans are the hottest selling solar fans on HomeDepot.com (click to check out our reviews). Brushless DC motors and lifetime warranties mean you won’t be going back out to the job to fix fans.

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