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6 days ago

Remington Solar

Lots of improvements and tech updates with our new SolaSkimmer. Here's a teaser ...

6 days ago

Remington Solar

Message from Remington Solar CEO to Home Energy Auditors and PV Installers on solar rebates and sales incentives. ...

11 months ago

Remington Solar

Crazy great price on an awesome product. $60 OFF Use Coupon Code SolaSkimmer389. Sale ends soon! ...


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Jerry ... THIS!!

John Smith

I just got the SolarSkimmer I ordered today and it comes with a plastic bag with 8 screws, tiny zip ties and a small rectangular microfilter that is supposed to fit in the tray some how, The instructions are not helpful, there's nothing online and when I call the 800 number I am told the engineer will be back in on Monday. Does anyone know where this filter goes?

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1 years ago

Remington Solar

SolaSkimmer solar powered pool skimmer ...

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