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General Questions

Why do we use solar panels so much?

We like solar because solar gives us flexibility. It means portability as well as cost efficiency. It also means we can create and use clever applications that leverage small motors to do big things. And because we use solar, many of our applications qualify for federal tax rebates.

Isn’t solar expensive?

If you are talking about powering an entire house, then yes, solar has a long payback period. (Even then, some people find this advantageous) However, we use solar panels in a clever way. When a small motor, powered by a 20, 25, or 30 watt array can move millions of BTUs out of an attic, then we are leveraging solar to do a big job. If, for example, a small pump can kill millions of mosquitoes and harmful insects, using a 20 watt panel, then that’s an efficient use of solar. That’s the way our applications work. That’s the way we think.

How do I take care of my solar panels?

For now, the IRS allows homeowners to take advantage of a 30% tax rebate on solar electric power devices that operate motors within the home. This is a rebate, meaning, you deduct 30% of the cost (product plus labor) from the cost of that application. You download the tax form from our site and submit that with your taxes. You download the “certificate of manufacture” from our site and keep that for your records. Go to DSIRE.org for other tax incentives for your local area.

How do tax rebates work?

Our solar panels are all polysilicate amorphous panels…meaning they’re “paper thin” and work even on hazy days. You may want to clean them with a glass or silica cleaner every year or so. Make sure there are no shadows or obstructions on your panels, or the entire panel may not generate electricity. Otherwise, your panels should last many many years.

What's my Return Of Investment (ROI) by going solar?

Remington Solar attic fans typically pay for themselves in one summer or two. But all Remington Solar products are designed not only for a financial return, but also a safety and comfort return as well. Our SolaMist is designed to protect you from harmful disease carrying mosquitoes. And our swimming pool ionizer is designed to not only save you chemical costs, but also to make you more comfortable in your swimming pool or spa. So we think all of our products have great ROIs (Return on Investment)

How do I register my product?

Easy. Under the “help” section of the top menu is our product registration page. It’s simple and takes 2min to complete. Don’t forget to do it so that you can take full advantage of your warranty.

Or simply follow this link!

Solar Attic Fan Questions

How much soffit ventilation do I need?

Approximately 4 square feet of free and clear ventilation per fan. If you have a grill with holes that may obstruct roughly 50% of the grill, then you would want 8 sq/ft of that type of soffit vent.

Can I mount it on a tile roof?

Yes, we have detailed instructions on how to do that. You would remove tiles, build a box out of 2×4’s, mount the fan on top of the 2×4’s, then flash around it. Click HERE to see detailed instructions on how to do this.

What if I have Ridge Vents?

That’s great! Remington Solar attic fans work great with ridge vents. Just remember to install your attic fans at least 5 feet away from your ridge. You don’t want the fan to pull air from the ridge area. You want the fan to create an aggressive convection current from inside your attic and move the air up and out through your fan and your ridge vents. (NOTE: Ridge vents alone will move about 1/3rd the air as an active ventilation system. Many roofers are still unfamiliar with solar attic fan technology, and they would rather sell you what they know. Don’t let a roofer tell you that you can’t use solar attic fans with ridge vents. All of our data and research proves that is not true!)

How much savings can I expect from solar attic fans?

That varies only because the conditions and location of every attic different. Insulation or radiant barrier in your attic will create a different condition that an attic that doesn’t. However, based on personal testimonials from many customers, it is quite common to see attic temperatures drop 40 degrees with the proper use of a Remington Solar attic fan. While this directly relates to utility cost savings, it has additional benefits. Cooler attic means more comfort in the living space below. It also preserves your insulation. (Ever notice why the insulation turns to powder over time? It’s the heat.) It also preserves your roof itself. The president of Remington Solar put 2 25-watt fans on his 2,300 sq/ft house, and attic temperatures went from 147+ Fahrenheit in August, to only 9 degrees above ambient temperature consistently. There have been multiple benefits and less than a 2 year payback.

Will they operate on a cloudy day?

The polysilicate amorphous panels are designed to operate with a minimum of 7 watts of sun power. This means that they will turn on a hazy day. On very cloudy or very overcast days, the fan may not turn, but if heat is generated by the sun on those days, your fan will still operate.

Why is Your Solar attic fan better than an electric fan?

Remington Solar fans are “brushless” which means they run nearly forever. Ask any roofer how long electric ventilation fans last. The answer is typically less than 3 years. Then you have to replace them, which means ripping the old one off the roof and replacing it with another one that will last only 3 years. (NOTE: Not all solar attic fans use brushless motors. This is a standard feature on all Remington Solar models

SolaMist Questions

What is SolaMist?

SolaMist is the first “Do-it-yourself” residential mosquito misting system. It’s solar powered, which means it’s portable and qualifies for a 30% federal tax rebate. It’s also wi-fi enabled, which means you can use our smart phone app to manage your spray schedules.

Is SolaMist Safe?

Yes, absolutely. SolaMist uses two different concentrates that are both completely safe. The SolaMist Pro Concentrate is so safe, it is exempt from FDA registration. You can also use Piranha TM, which uses a derivative of the chrysanthemum flower

How is SolaMist Different?

With other backyard mosquito misting systems, you can end up spending thousands of dollars on the unit and installation…and additional hundreds of dollars monthly on concentrate refills. With SolaMist, you now have total control of your spray schedules with your smart phone. Not only will you save money on the SolaMist unit itself, you’ll save tons of money on concentrate.

How Long Does It Take To Install?

Basic installation takes about 40 minutes for 45 feet of tubing and 15 nozzles. Expect to spend about 20 more minutes installing the extension (additional 45 feet and 15 more nozzles). The nozzles and T-joints snap fit, and the tubing plugs into each end of each T. Really simple. Once you connect …the cord from the panel to the controller, you want to let SolaMist charge for a full day in the sun before using.

When Should I Spray For Mosquitoes?

SolaMist is designed to spray for 45 seconds per spray. We recommend that you spray 1-2 times in the evening at first, maybe 5 days a week. See how “your” mosquitoes react. (You can preserve your concentrate very effectively with that strategy.) Then you may consider adding one spray in the morning and/or evening, or even removing a spray.

BTW, SolaMist Pro Concentrate kills in two ways: on contact with the insect exoskeleton, and by making sitting water unusable to the female mosquito. Once SolaMist Pro touches any standing water, it breaks the surface tension, and a female mosquito cannot lay eggs on it.