Scratch and Dent SALE on Solar Attic Fans

Sometimes we get returns when a corner of the flashing is bent. Or sometimes, a customer will purchase two fans, and only want one. If you would like to purchase a discounted Remington Solar attic fan with a full lifetime warranty, please contact


Swimming Pool Tips Reviews – SolaSkimmer

Nice to see what David Van Brunt at Swimming Pool Tips Reviews says about SolaSkimmer!

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Look what says about Remington Solar attic fans. Remington Solar Remington Solar¬†offers 20, 25, and 30-watt solar attic fans. Unlike other products, these solar fans are priced on par with electric attic fans. For example, the 30-watt solar attic fan has the ability to actively cool over 2,200 square feet of attic space and […]


Expect 220lbs+ of water in your attic this winter

This PDF document was a research study that shows that humidity and moisture in houses will produce on average 220 pounds of water over a typical winter. With the built-in humidistat pre-set at 60% relative humidity, your Remington Solar attic fan will kick on and kick out the unwanted humidity in your attic. It’s kind […]

Why Buy a Solar Attic Fan when an Electric Fan is Cheaper?

Why would you spend $300-$400 (assuming you’re considering Remington Solar) for an attic fan when you can buy an electric attic fan for less than $100? Honestly, before we got into building our product, I needed to be able to effectively answer this question ourselves. Do we simply have to appeal to the “environmentally conscious” […]