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  1. I have mustard algae and have had this in for a week. Can’t tell any differece

    • You absolutely should NOT have any mustard algae in your pool. Try this: 1. Shock with chlorine and get your pool clear. 2. Make sure your Sun Shock is in the sun at least 4-5 hours per day. (You can check to make sure your Sun Shock is ionizing by putting the bottom, without the basket, and make sure the sun is shining on it. You will see a “mist” or small bubbles coming from the coils. That means copper is going into your pool As long as your pool is 22,000 gallons or less, you will not have algae in your pool. If you do not see a mist or bubbles, contact support@remingtonsolar.com.

  2. So I have a 24′ round above ground pool. We fill with river water. Last year I struggled with yellow algee. While I was able to overcome it. Every time I vacuumed my pool the water was cloudy for a few days. Uggh.
    I have had my sunshock in my pool for just a week (purchased @ Home Depot) WOW!
    Crystal clear. No burning eyes and very little algee. The most amazing thing was even after vacuuming (after just 5 days) the water stayed Crystal clear!
    I do have a chlorine tablet
    floater still on pool as directed.
    Now my question. Do I still need to “shock” my pool once a week?
    My initial thought is no. But sure would like confirmation.

    • Just give your Sun Shock a little scrub every week or two, and you should be good. A little chlorine tab in the floaty is all you need. No shocking needed unless you get tons of rainwater and it turns green for some reason. Otherwise, leave it alone!

  3. Will it kill fish in 10,000 gallon pool , how long after taking the cope out before it goes away

  4. First off, let me say that your product is beyond amazing! I have had so many algae problems in the past and I’ve had two of your units in my pool for about a month now and it has been blue and crystal clear, without a spot of algae. So thankful that I gave it a shot! One quick question, although there is still no algae, i am noticing that it is starting to get slightly cloudy. I can still see the bottom of the deep end but before it was so crystal clear i could see every speck of dirt. What should i do about this? Shock once? Use a clarifier? Or just wait it out…

    • We’ve seen that happen a couple of times, actually in my pool once. Just run your filter a little longer. If it doesn’t clear up, add a little chlorine. Should do the trick.

  5. Hi Murray,
    I just ordered one Remington Solar Shock unit and am very excited to get it going.
    Question 1. – What needs to be done to sanitize the pool water and ensure its safe from bacteria, virus, or pathogens that can be harmful to humans?
    Question 2. – Does the use of this copper ionizer in the pool turn blonde hair green, or have other non-disclosed side effects?
    Question 3. – I have a small 7,500 gal fiberglass shell pool in Reno NV., a lot of leaves and blowing dust get into the pool, any other recommendations that I should be considering?

    • 1. Keep a little floaty of chlorine tabs. That should sanitize enough. (Sun Shock also has silver in the anode which also kills pathogens, fyi)
      2. Good question. No. That is a myth. Chlorine will actually turn your hair green long before copper, believe it or not.
      3. We have a new product coming out, SolaSkimmer, which can help you with those leaves and dust. The ionizer won’t really have an effect on those issues.
      Please feel free to contact support@remingtonsolar.com with any additional questions.

  6. is this product safe to use for hot tubs? if so, how effective is it?

  7. I am considering using your Sun Shock pool purifier. However I have a gas pool heater with copper heating elements – could the Sun Shock effect the heater?

    • Not the first time we’ve been asked this question. You won’t have a problem at all. The electric part and the copper part need to be about 1/2 inch away to actually ionize. Your copper piping is a long distance from the ionizer, so you’re fine.

  8. Just got your product and was just curious what’s the difference between your copper anoid and that of a copper solid pipe from your local Loews or Home Depot?

    • Great question. We use an alloy of copper and silver. The silver is effective on microbes and sanitization. Our anode is also designed to degrade over time. Not sure if Loews or Home Depot have solid copper, but they may have coatings on it. It may also not be pure copper. That’s as much as I can tell you.

  9. Can I use this in a 9x16x5 foot Riverpool ( A small exercise pool with a metal motor on one end to create a current to swim against)?

  10. I put this ionizer in my pool about a week ago. Within two days the water was clear.. I have a 10,000 gal pool. I went to the pool store to pickup a item and the lady there said they sell chemicals with their ionizers something about the ph. I have read all of your manual and it said nothing else is needed.

    • We have to fight with pool supply stores constantly! In our experience, pH is no longer very important. Assuming your pH is normal for your local water, you shouldn’t need to put any other chemical in your pool. Especially do NOT use cyanuric acid. I’m sure she told you that, but it will create purple (temporary) stains.

  11. Replaced the nylon wing nut with a stainless steel bolt to hold the screen on. After some common sense thought I figured
    this unit is not working properly with the bolt. Put the nylon wing nut back in. Now I am not so sure the unit is working like
    it should. Could I have shorted out the solar charger by putting the bolt in the unit? Harold in fl. I will try the unit in a glass
    of water to see if it starts to make bubbles or whatever

    • Yeah, you can’t use metal. That’s why we use nylon. We’re not trying to be cheap, you just can’t use metal. Try the bubble test and let us know.

  12. I sort of slacked on cleaning the anode during the winter. When I scraped it a couple of chunks came out. It is only 8 months old so the copper thing is still pretty thick. Will it matter that a few chunks of copper came off. I have actually ordered a new anode from Costco so changing it out isn’t a problem but if that one is still working Inwill wait until it is smaller. Thanks for your help. We love this thing. We always had problems with mustard colored algae. Not now. We just keep a couple of tablets in a floater basket. Done deal!

    • If your existing anode is still hanging in there, you can use it. We recommend your replacing it when it gets to be size of a fat pencil.

  13. Can you use this unit with Bromine instead of Chlorine.

    • Yes, but remember, try using as little chemical as possible. Sun Shock should reduce your dependency on chlorine or bromine (or other pH balancers, chemicals, etc) by 85%+.

    • Best to put on a pair of rubber gloves. Unscrew it from unit. Use the enclosed wire brush (or you can use steel wool) and scrub it a bit under the hose. That’s it.

  14. I’ve had my solar pool floater for several months now. It is winter here in northern CA. No swimming but my pool has remained beautiful and clear. When we have heavy rain as recently I have to pump the water out to prevent overfilling. This is the first winter my pool has remained so clear and clean. I clean the anode once a week in my sink by running water over it and replace. use 2 3 inch tablets of chlorine in my floater. Great product wish I had found this years ago.

  15. Love my sun shock. I found that the colors on the test strip container are not accurate but if I compare a dipped strip to an unused one the reading is much more accurate. I am in Scottsdale so we do not use our pool during the winter and do not park it. However with the cool water there is no need to keep the unit in the water. I have not had it in the pool for 3 months and the copper level is still satisfactory

  16. I have the sun shock working correctly, for months now but rigth now all the plastic on the vacumm feel like they have alage, can i put a chlorine shock with the sun shock on the pool?

  17. Murrey, the frog system uses a mineral pack and a chlorine cartidge, the system is designed to run at .5 chlorine and the mineral pac has water softners and anti algecides in it. I am worried about the unit being in conflict with the mineral pac

  18. First of all I love this unit, it’s kept our pool very clear for the second half of summer this year. My question is about anode deterioration. Does the anode keep working until it’s completely gone? I would just like to know when it needs to be replaced to maintain the same level of effectiveness.

    Thanks, M

    • Replace when your copper stick is about the size of a fat pencil…or you can simply replace annually.

  19. Getting ready to close pool for the winter. What is the proper procedure for closing?

  20. My pool has a stabilizer in and is a little high will this hinder the working of the Rem Solar Clorinenator ??

    • Technically no, you shouldn’t have a problem. However, be aware that some stabilizers contain cyanuric acid, which can react with copper ions and create a purple stain. If you notice purple stains, you may want to stop using stabilizers. (You shouldn’t have to be using chlorine with stabilizers anyway at this point).

  21. I just started using Sun Shock a few weeks ago. My CU level is between .1 and .5. Starting Nov through Feb my pool will be in the shade all day long. Should I remove the Sun Shock during that time and switch to normal chlorine or what?

    • Nah. Just leave it in your pool and you should be fine. (Unless you have this in a hot tub or very small pool, say less than 5,000 gallons. Then I would go ahead and remove it.)

  22. Can I run the solar pool ionozer and purifier in a pool that uses the frogger system?

  23. I maintain a 30,000 gallon pool for my parents. If I add just one of these would it reduce the amount of chlorine needed to maintain it, or would it be a complete waste of time and money? I’m reluctant to use two for fear of getting the copper concentration too high, since I only get there every two weeks to examine the pool.

    Also, is there any way to make these work if the pool is covered for the winter?

    • You can try with one, but don’t get mad if it doesn’t work. You’re right on the edge of specs, so try one, then consider another.

  24. I recently purchased a chlorine free sun shock. I’ve been using it for a week and results are encouraging.
    Do I need to open an account on your site and/or register the purchase? If “yes” to either, how do I do it?
    The testing strips container recommends 0.3 as the ideal level. The color matches on the container are graded at 0.0, 0.5 and upwards. Is there a way or device to indicate the 0.3 reading?


    • I would just leave Sun Shock in your pool and let your pool be your test strip. Even with excessive copper levels, you should be fine.

  25. Hello; do i need to add acid to keep the pool ph balanced? also, if i do not have any more algae, do i need to do anymore water chemistry testing? finally, while there seems to be no algae, the copper reading in the pool is still 0.1- any idea why?

    • It’s possible the test strips are not accurately reading copper levels. This can be due to other minerals and chemicals in your water. The best “test strip”, we believe, is your pool itself. Just leave your Sun Shock in the water with as pure a water as possible. If you have to adjust the pH a bit, you can do so with acid, but even then, we recommend doing nothing.

  26. Love, love, LOVE! My sun shock unit is working to perfection!!! Absolute miracle! (All I want now is a solar vacuum, lol!) But truly, it is a miracle. The only issue is that I am unsure the strips are working since my copper level never goes past the 2nd color on the strip. I live in Southern CA and it’s been hot and sunny for the last month and a half but the reading stays the same… What could be the deal? Thanks again for your product. It truly is marvelous!!!

    • Honestly, you best “test strip” is your pool. As mentioned on other posts, the copper test strips can be affected by other minerals or chemicals. If your pool water stays clear, as it should using Sun Shock, then it’s working properly. If your pool turns green or gets algae, then contact us immediately at support@remingtonsolar.com.

  27. I used the chlorine free sun shock for about 6 weeks until my ion reading became a bit high. I then removed the unit for about a week and developed some algae due to strong rains and sun in S. Florida. The black algae that is now spreading. I am running my pump 24 hours, brushed my pool and cleaned my filter. What should I do now as it appears that the black algae is spreading and my ion level is reading .5ppm?

    • Try leaving the Sun Shock in the pool. Sprinkle a bit of chlorine on your black algae, and wait a few days for the black algae to disappear. You may have to chemically shock a couple of times throughout the summer, but do it sparingly. Nurse the water back to normal, but don’t add any chemicals to your pool if possible.

  28. Will my new devise kill the yellow algae that has been a struggle for me.?

    • We have gotten many reports of yellow (mustard) algae disappearing like magic. The black algae can show up periodically, but that can be treated with a bit of chemical chlorine. The copper from your Sun Shock should inhibit the growth of the black algae as well.

  29. Hi, I’ve recently added the ionizer to our pool. Not sure if this is related, but our calcium readings have gone down quite a bit: from 175 to 75 in the two weeks the units has been in use. When I bring the water in to get tested, part of the results show that the calcium should be between 200 and 400. Are these conditions unrelated, or is the unit purposefully lowering the calcium, and if so, is that acceptable? Thanks!

    • Sun Shock can reduce your calcium levels, but it’s typically not a real game changer for your water quality. We’ve heard of some pool supply companies saying you want calcium in your water for your plaster, but calcium is not necessary for water quality if you want pure water. It should not be an issue.

  30. Is the Sun Shock effective against had to control black algae? People are only commenting about green algae. I have to keep my chlorine level high to keep it from coming back.

    • Black algae can be tricky. Yes, we’ve nailed most other algaes just fine. I’ve even seen black algae show up in my pool. I typically spot treat those with a little chemical chlorine and they tend to disappear quickly. The Sun Shock will tend to control the black algae as well, but you will need to be patient.

  31. How do i go about using my warrant unfortunately i screwed on the plastic wing nut on to tight and it broke inside the copper tube, disabling the filter so it wont stay atrached to the unit

  32. I installed Sun Shock on 7/25. Have tested for cu ions twice now (8/1 & 8/8). Test strip indicates <0.1). Pool is ~16,000 gallon gunite/pebble sheen. When can I expect to see indication of cu ions? Pool is crystal clear.

    • Actually, your pool is your best “test strip”. Copper levels should be increasing, but if there are other minerals or chemicals in your water (even naturally), then it can affect your test strip reading. Just leave Sun Shock in your pool and enjoy your clean water. But let us know at support@remingtonsolar.com if you have any problems.

  33. Hi, put in the solar donut a few weeks ago in my 10,000 gallon pool. I keep wanting to add chlorine because of all the algae problems I have had. Last week I only put in 1/3 gallon and the amount barely registers. So far no algae. My copper reads .9 – is that where it should be?

  34. Do I need stabilizer? We were using liquid chlorine. Last water test showed very low stabilizer.

  35. I use bromine in my pool, will this product still be ok for my pool?

  36. My Ionizer continues to float to the skimmer on the shaded side of the pool. The instructions say that I can anchor it in the sun, but I’m not exactly sure how to accomplish that & if it’s ok to tie a rope around the plastic basket on the bottom of the unit. The pool has a spa that is always in the direct sunlight & the spa circulates the same water as the pool. If I place the Ionizer in the spa, will it work for the entire pool? (Pool is 25,000 gal.) Thanks!

    • First of all, if you have a 25,000 gallon pool, you really need 2 Sun Shocks. (You can try with one, but be prepared to get another). To answer your question, you can tie a string around the coil, or around the entire anode and anchor it on the side. It’s super simple and easy.

  37. I live in Stuart, Fl and have a pool with a screen enclosure around it. I get lots of sun but wonder if your device will work in my pool.

    • We get asked that a lot. If your screened in porch is cutting the UV rays by 50%, then it will be 50% effective. Actually, we would expect it to still work, but be patient with it.

  38. I live in central east coast Florida, our 12,500 gallon in-ground pool is screen covered. I purchased one of these units and have been using it for about a month. Since then when I have my water tested weekly at the local pool supplies store they tell me I have a “0” reading on my chlorine and always tell me to add 2 cups of acid and a jug of chlorine/shock. Although I keep a chlorine tablet a week in the in-line dispenser I do add the acid but not the jug of chlorine/shock. My water is typically crystal clear, except after a heavy rain, with no green or algae evident. Does this mean everything is working correctly? Should I continue to ignore putting a jug of chlorine in every week?

    • DON’T PUT ANY CHLORINE IN YOUR POOL! Your pool store won’t understand what you’re doing. They want you to use chlorine. Your new chlorine reading is SUPPOSED to be zero. That’s the whole idea!

  39. We just had a dark blue color plaster put in our pool. Does ionizing the water have an impact on colored plaster? Fades quicker…etc.

    • We have never heard of any fading or discoloring. We can’t swear it won’t happen, but there is no reason for it to.

  40. The little white plastic bolt that hold the scree on broke, can I get another

  41. Two questions-
    1. Can I use this in my small, above-ground pool? (1,800 gallons)
    2. Does the ionized water help prevent mosquitos from breeding?

    Thank you!

    • 1. Yes, definitely
      2. Great question. Don’t know. If anything, probably not. The water is more natural now. However, mosquitoes typically do not breed in pools, only stagnant water.

  42. I am loving the fact that the ionizer has taken care of my algae but it is really driving my ph down. Ant suggestions? Thanks

    • Well, does it matter? Typically pH controls algae, and now your Sun Shock is controlling algae. So actually, it’s not as important anymore. We suggest you not put anything else in your pool.

      • Incorrect pool PH can initiate corrosion to anything metallic. So if destroying a $5,000 pool heater through incorrect PH means something, then yes, it does matter.

  43. I received my my pool ionizerand everything was in the box except the test strips, can you send me some? Or tell me where I can purchase them.

  44. I read the reviews and they are fairly positive so I bought this. I put it together, making sure the coil wasn’t touching the copper, and placed it in the pool.

    The algae grew fast and was spiralling out of control in my fourteen thousand gallon in ground pool. I took it out three times to clean and check it, finding a 0.1 copper residual each time. My pool person has had to add chemicals each and every time.

    I checked it again today, just over a month since I placed in the pool, took it apart, cleaned it, made sure once again that the coil does not come into contact with the copper, using a flash light and turning the thing in my hand and when satisfied, placed it back in the pool and again took another copper residual…0.1 again!

  45. Does your product work if you have a solar cover on your pool ? I am very interested in purchasing 1 if it will work with the solar cover on . Thank you , Mitch H ,

  46. Hi!
    We have a 480.000 Litre pool,

    Will this device help us at all?

    Or do we have to put 6-10 floating ionizers inside this size of pool?

    is ist possible to get a pool ionizer wich isn’t floating in the pool but kills algae and bacteria in the filtre process?

    Many thanks

    • That’s a big pool. Conceivably you could use that many Sun Shocks, but seems like a commercial ionizer would be a better way to go.

  47. I purchased 2 of these about 1 week ago for a 60,000 gallon pool after ready some really good reviews. I put 1 in the pool and left for about 3 days. It had accumulated a lot of stuff around the Anode which I cleaned. I checked the water and it’s still on the low side. It appears to be doing the job so far but only time will tell.

    Do you sell replacement parts other than the Anode for this product such as nylon basket, plastic butterfly screw and cooper level test strips?

    How should I clean the top solar area?


  48. I just got the unit about a week ago. My water was crystal clear before, now it’s getting cloudy and the sides feel slimy. My chlorine level was 7.5 and I waited for it to lower before adding the unit to the water. I have a vinyl pool and a sand filter. We’ve had heavy rain for 2 days. I’m not sure if it is working. I’m concerned about the slimy walls turning into algae. The copper reading is 0.1 . I have 1 stabilizer tablet floating in the floater as instructed by the directions. We’re expected to get more rain. What am I doing wrong? I don’t want the algae to get out of control. Before putting the unit in the water I had it tested by a pool place. They had me put in alkalinity and calcium hardness. I didn’t put all the calcium hardness they recommended. The calcium reading was 110ppm before I added it. Please help.

    • Hi Roxanne. Thanks for your call today. I think we figured it all out. To reiterate, just shock your pool with chlorine once, then put in Sun Shock. Then don’t add anything (except maybe a floaty with one or two chlorine tablets). That’s it! Call us if any algae shows up.

  49. I have not found anywhere that parts other than the copper rod can be purchased. Nothing on a replacement basket, coil, wingnut and most of all the test strips.

    Also what should the chemistry readings be for a pool with high calcium and phosphate readings before installing the unit.

  50. First I want to tell you that I am very satisfied with the Chlorine-Free Sun Shock Pool Ionizer, it´s work so good!. I wish to make forecasts and acquire the Copper Alloy “Anode”, the nylon basket and the plastic butterfly screw as well as the cooper level test strips . Can you help on that? thanks in advance!

  51. I’ve been looking for swimming pool ionizer and I couldn’t find any and then Hop! I found two!.
    I know ionizer how it works and that’s why I was looking for it. The other I found is using copper & silver to fight algae and disifecting the water as well.
    May I ask you why you choose to use copper only? In anycase I wish to buy it and can you ship to Europe?

    • Hi Leo. I think you’ll be impressed with ours. Some folks are calling it “magic”. It’s just plain ‘ol chemistry.


    • Hi Geoff. We’d love to sell you one in Australia, but the postage would make it cost prohibitive.

  53. First Name: David
    Last Name:Silver

    Topic Selected :Technical Help

    Message:I just wanted to give some feedback on the Chlorine Free Sun Shock Ionizer. When it works, it works great. However, it has major design flaws and I think you should seriously take a look at making improvements. This item has costed me more $, not saved me because I’ve had to spend extra money on algae killer and more shock. First, you can’t see inside the mesh cage. Instead of it being plastic solid blue, please make future ones clear like a glass. That way you can see if the spring is bent and touching the copper rod. Each time I clean it and take it apart, I’m wasting time and worrying and guessing if its touching or not. Sometimes I get it on right and sometimes the spring touches the rod with me only finding out later due to algae that it wasn’t working for days when I thought it was. Also, please put a light or an indictator on the apparatus if it’s actually “on” or not. Putting it in water in a bowl and seeing if bubbles come out is time consuming and still doesn’t tell you if its working. I love the idea of this item and would tell all my neighbors and friends with pools to get it if you improved on these two flaws. Otherwise, back to the drawing board and using weekly shock.

    • Hi David,
      Thank you for your comments. The Sun Shock, as you describe, does work. However, your suggestions are understandable. We have looked how to minimize confusion on how the Sun Shock works, and if the copper and the coil touch…it will not work. The basket, with the groove in the bottom, is designed to seat the coil against it to act as a natural separator. When the basket is on, it is difficult to see that separation.

      However, one thing that we have not made clear, is that you can pull on the coil to stretch it out a bit if it’s too short. If it does not naturally seat against the bottom of the basket, then it may not work properly…and if it’s too short, it may be difficult to tell if it’s actually separated.

      I would suggest that during cleaning, you stretch out the coil (don’t break it, just pull it out so it stretches about an extra 1/2 inch). You may even hold the base of the coil (near the disk) and adjust it so it is more in line with the copper.

      If you can stretch out the coil a bit, it will be much more obvious to feel that the coil is embedded in the basket. Then it should work fine.

      The light idea is a nice idea, but it would add considerable expense to the unit. $129 is a very reasonable expectation for consumers if it’s doing what it’s supposed to do.

      Thanks for your feedback and comments.

      Murray Smith

  54. God send! (Recent HomeDepot.com review)
    August 11, 2015
    5.0 out of 5

    Verified Purchase
    Recommended Product

    After 1 and 1/2 years of clear water but green algae on bottom and sides and nothing I did helped, I purchased this solar unit mostly on a prayer and on very positive reviews. I cleaned the pool, installed this unit tethering it to the most sunny part of the pool and hoped! I kept the chlorine level a little high, (which before the installation didn’t help), I have a 2 speed pump that I run on high during the day and on low at night. It has been installed for over a month now and absolutely no algae at all, I’ve backed my chlorine level back down to normal and life is good now! Thank You Remington! I wish I could give U more stars!

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