remington trees

Why Solar?

Adding a little extra sun to your lifestyle has gotten even better.
Did you know that you can easily improve the quality of your outdoor activities and decrease the natural wear and tear on your home? Despite what the energy companies will tell you, solar products have major benefits:

  • they require little to no maintenance
  • they save you money on utilities and similar cost
  • they immediately qualifies you for tax rebate on your expenses

Introducing, Remington Solar’s lineup of leading lifestyle, comfort products. Each are engineered with precision and style. So you get the benefit of science and sleek design. Remington technology leverages polycrystalline solar panels to power each unit. Each product is self-sustaining with little or practically no maintenance. This gives you the freedom to plug, play, save, and enjoy the increased comfort and safety that all our customers can depend on. You’ll be amazed by the number of years added to the major components of your house, spoiled by the positive affect on your utilities, and delighted by the value added to your leisure activities.

Remington Solar – smart technology for every season.