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Why Remington Solar?

Since our humble beginnings in 2006, Remington Solar, Inc. designed, created, and sold some of the first solar powered attic fans in the USA. Remington Solar’s products are all unique, interesting, and useful. We are “mad scientists” who invent cool solar products, and we are thrilled when our customers enjoy our products. We’re just sorry we have to charge for them! Since most of our products are our creations, we own the patents and trademarks. Each came from an “ah-ha” moment to solve some needed problem.

Hot attics, which make the entire home hot in the summer,  destroy insulation and air conditioning equipment, and drive up utility bills was an obvious first choice for us. Our Remington Solar attic fan quickly became the industry leader based on price and quality.

We love our customers and want everyone to be happy.  Our SolaSkimmer, which was first launched in 2018, had a few problems in the beginning which have been remedied. (Our sub-supplier didn’t follow our specifications.) It’s a fantastic product now! It cost us some good reviews online, but we’re trying hard to win our reputation back. Our Sun Shock Pool Ionizer was the number one pool product on Costco for the last three years.

Our SolaMist Mosquito and Insect Misting System as well as our famous Remington Solar Attic Fans also qualify for the federal tax rebate. (This rate was traditionally 30% but is being decreased slowly through 2022.) You can also check the for a list of additional rebates in your area.

A successful company is built on price, quality, and service. We want to be the best at all of these. Please contact for super fast answers to all your questions!

Murray Smith