Remington Solar Product Manuals

Creating downloadable manuals is the most effective way to keep you updated with changes and user experiences. Please feel free to contact if you need assistance. Thank you!

Chlorine-Free Sun Shock Manual

Manual and Quick Start Guide

Copper Test Strip Information



SolaMist Owners Manual



ThermoClimb Installation Guide



Solar Attic Fan – Manual PDF (surface mount and gable fan) HERE

Solar Attic Fan Installation VIdeo HERE


 New (non-WiFi) SolaMist Controller Programming Instructions (Video)



 110V Solar/Hybrid Adapter Installation (Video)

110V Solar/Hybrid Adapter Manual





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  1. I’m using the fan to remove a chemical odor from my crawl space and want to over ride the thermo/humidistat. Can you provide a wiring diagram to support that . Thanks

  2. I have to apply for a permit, must have the installation instructions in hard copy for roof mounting on sloped roof. Where can I find hard copy of installation instructions.

    • Best way is to print a copy from the pdf file on our website. Click on “help” from the homepage, and look for “Product Manuals”.

  3. Wanting the instructions for the Gable solar too. Can you at least post things like hole diameter recommendations etc.
    I notice air flow is to the outside of the ducting, what recommended vent should be used? Any requirement to oversize it compared to the unit diameter because of the airflow path?

  4. no installation instructions for gable mounting the fan.

    • It’s a new product with a few nuances. Give us a call and we’ll go through it with you. 214=257-8300.

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