Remington Solar Product Manuals

Creating downloadable manuals is the most effective way to keep you updated with changes and user experiences. Please feel free to contact if you need assistance. Thank you!

Chlorine-Free Sun Shock Manual   remington-solar-pool-ionizer

SolaMist Owners Manual 





ThermoClimb Installation Guide 





Solar Attic Fan – Manual PDF   (surface mount and gable fan)25wBlack2

Solar Attic Fan Installation (Video)



110V Solar/Hybrid Adapter Installation (Video)

110V Solar/Hybrid Adapter Manual 






SolaSkimmer Manual 




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  1. Bought Solar attic fan. Works great. Very satisfied.
    Roofing inspector has asked for a product approval for Miami-Dade County Florida.
    Do you have a Product Approval certificate for Miami Florida?

  2. This item has just about completely eliminated algae in my pool, and I live in the hot, humid, capitol of the south; Columbia, SC.
    I would like for someone to tell me if the basket is absolutely necessary. I hardly ever seen any particles on the screen.

    • Yes, it is necessary even though you do not see any debris.

  3. Does the 110V Solar/Power Adapter use solar power during the daytime and then auto switch to AC power once the sun is no longer in range and the thermostat remains above 80 degrees?

  4. Hello ,

    I bought the SGF 20 gable mount fan with remote solar panel . I am getting ready to install it this weekend . This is the unit that has the cowling around it . I just wanted t make sure the fan is mounted with the cowling to the interior attic side .
    Does this fan pull the hot air out or push the hot air out thru the eve vents ? In other words what direction is the airflow ?
    Thanks ,

    • You should be able to feel the direction of the breeze. It’s a good idea to test it in the sun before you mount anyway. (Watch your fingers!).You want the air to flow out of your attic.

    • Test the fan in the sun, and make sure you know the air flow direction. Air should blow out of the attic through your gable vent.

  5. I have a Model SF20 and ask for some help placing it on the roof. The major sections of this house roof face East and the other slope West. We have westerly prevailing winds here. Will placement on the west side of the house be less efficient when the wind is blowing? Is it better to place on the East slope in my case to exhaust hot air? Thanks for any help.

    • We always suggest placing it on the south or west side to maximize the direct sun angle. The power going to the motor will affect your efficiency more than anything.

  6. Looking to replace blue heat sensor where cord was damaged

  7. I don’t see instructions for the gable mount fan.

  8. I’m using the fan to remove a chemical odor from my crawl space and want to over ride the thermo/humidistat. Can you provide a wiring diagram to support that . Thanks

  9. I have to apply for a permit, must have the installation instructions in hard copy for roof mounting on sloped roof. Where can I find hard copy of installation instructions.

    • Best way is to print a copy from the pdf file on our website. Click on “help” from the homepage, and look for “Product Manuals”.

  10. Wanting the instructions for the Gable solar too. Can you at least post things like hole diameter recommendations etc.
    I notice air flow is to the outside of the ducting, what recommended vent should be used? Any requirement to oversize it compared to the unit diameter because of the airflow path?

    • Our manual has been updated to include the gable fan instructions. Sorry for the delay on that. You can get the manual here

  11. no installation instructions for gable mounting the fan.

    • It’s a new product with a few nuances. Give us a call and we’ll go through it with you. 214=257-8300.

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