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Federal Tax Rebate

GET PAID TO GO GREEN Did you know that living a greener lifestyle has financial benefits too? The federal government actually rewards consumers with money, in the form of tax rebates, simply for making decisions that are already stacked in your favor. The Federal tax credit for solar attic fans has been extended through 2019. (26% rebate up until 2021). The Solar Powered Attic Fan is eligible for a 30% credit on the purchase price of the fan, installation and sales tax. (Note: includes installation cost!) So let us help you get the money! Its an easy two step process. (Additional local and state rebates for your area may also be found HERE.)

STEP ONE :: DOWNLOAD THE IRS FORM and file with your taxes

IRS Tax Form 5695 for 2017 (PDF) 


Solar Attic Fan – Manufacturer’s Certification Statement (PDF)

SolaMist – Manufacturer’s Certification Statement (PDF)

Texas Windstorm Certification Documentation