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10 ft x 10 ft
Perfect for Beginners
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10 ft x 20 ft
Best Value
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Why a Remington Solar Greenhouse?

  • Recent food inflation
  • Supply chain congestion (we know this at Remington Solar)
  • Potential food shortages
  • Gardening is the #1 hobby in the USA
  • Do you know what pesticides are in your food?
  • Keep chickens safely in your greenhouse
  • Would your kids like a butterfly garden?
  • Keep your houseplants safe outside
  • Start your garden from seeds in your greenhouse
  • Orchids love greenhouses (Gifts? A new¬†business idea?)
  • High end 1.3″ galvanized steel tubing Made-in-USA
  • Strong, not flimsy. Made to produce for years
  • Financing is available at the shopping cart
  • Howard Garrett’s team will answer gardening questions for you!