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Why Solar?

Remington Solar’s products are all unique, interesting, and useful. Since most of our products are [...]

New SolaMist Dealer Announcement

For Immediate Release (Dallas Texas)  – June 18th, 2019 Remington Solar, Inc is pleased to [...]

Scratch and Dent SALE on Solar Attic Fans

Sometimes we get returns when a corner of the flashing is bent. Or sometimes, a [...]


Swimming Pool Tips Reviews – SolaSkimmer

Nice to see what David Van Brunt at Swimming Pool Tips Reviews says about SolaSkimmer! [...] Recommends Remington Solar

Look what says about Remington Solar attic fans. Remington Solar Remington Solar offers 20, 25, [...]

Expect 220lbs+ of water in your attic this winter

This PDF document was a research study that shows that humidity and moisture in houses [...]

Why Buy a Solar Attic Fan when an Electric Fan is Cheaper?

Why would you spend $300-$400 (assuming you’re considering Remington Solar) for an attic fan when [...]