Fan not running?

Please go through the following troubleshooting steps to isolate the problem.

First make sure the temperature is at least 82 degrees and the panel is getting direct unobstructed sunlight. It is normal for it not to run or for it to run inconsistently if these conditions are not met.

Still not running?

Do you have a back up power adapter connected?

If so, please make sure to completely disconnect the power back up adapter. When disconnecting the fan off the adapter make sure the solar panel is connected back to solar properly, meaning COMPLETELY disconnect the adapter from the fan, put it to the side and properly connect the solar panel plug back into the fan plug to allow it to run on solar ONLY. This will help us determine if it is the adapter causing the fan not to run or if a part with the fan is failing. If the fan kicks on when it is connected back to solar only, contact [email protected] for a replacement adapter. Please note the adapter has a 3-year warranty from the original purchase date.


If you need video reference on how to put the fan back on solar you can watch the following video and REVERSE the steps done in the video.



Still not running?

Please make sure to thoroughly check the wiring on the fan and make sure the wires aren’t loose or burnt out. They can get loose overtime from continued use or sometimes one can get loose during shipping. It is very important to loosen every screw and make sure the wires are tight and making contact with the screw. Below is a picture of where the wires go on the junction box for reference.

It is very important the wiring is checked properly otherwise the fan will not run with any other replacement parts.

Still not running?

If the fan is still not running at all after it has been put on solar only, under direct sunlight, and in at least 82 degrees then you would need a new thermostat. Please contact [email protected] for a replacement thermostat.

If the fan does display some sort of movement on solar only, please take a short video of any movement or sounds made and send it to [email protected]. It is possibly a bad motor and a video is required so the engineer can verify and approve the motor replacement for all customers. Please make sure the necessary conditions are met when taking the video.