March 8th, 2012

Our staff returned from the International Builder’s Show in Orlando Florida two weeks ago. We were greeted by hundreds of visitors to our booth. The hall was packed with vendors from all over the United States, and many from overseas. There were several other manufacturers and distributors of solar technology, but I’m surprised there were not more.

Several of our competitors were there, including U.S. Sunlight, Solatube, Vortex, and Solaire. While one might think that competitors are a “bad” thing, we actually believe the market is wide open for solar attic fan technology, and like the saying goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats”. We were please to find out that we have the lowest price solar attic fan on the market. However, there were lots of great features in some of our competitor products.

It was at the show that we decided to add a humidistat as a standard feature on all our products. Humidistats will override the thermostat and start the fan at a pre-set (or adjustable) relative humidity. Solar Breeze now comes with a humidistat preset at 50% relative humidity. This feature is now standard along with the “snap” thermostat, which is preset to turn the fan on at temperatures above 80 degrees.

Humidity is much more of a common problem in northern climates. One gentleman from Chicago “chewed me out” (in a nice way) for not having humidistats. Well, we do now!

It was a pleasure meeting all the fine folks from all over the world at IBS. I hope to see ya’ll in Las Vegas next year!

Murray Smith

Solar Breeze Fan, Inc.