Become a SolaMist Distributor at $499 MSRP + Installation

If you would like a competitive edge of the “other” backyard mosquito misting folks, imagine being able to sell a 20 nozzle backyard mosquito misting system for $500 plus $200 for installation. Below are the docs to get started. However, call me directly with your questions. I want to personally get to know each dealer […]

Why Buy a Solar Attic Fan when an Electric Fan is Cheaper?

Why would you spend $300-$400 (assuming you’re considering Remington Solar) for an attic fan when you can buy an electric attic fan for less than $100? Honestly, before we got into building our product, I needed to be able to effectively answer this question ourselves. Do we simply have to appeal to the “environmentally conscious” […]

Best Solar Attic Fan in the World –

According to, Remington Solar is the “Best Fan in the World”. This is a respectable rating among 20 or so competing brands. Thank you, Richard Reed, for your unsolicited endorsement. This link was discovered by one of our new customers in Colorado who is purchasing 2 fans for himself and referring his neighbors for […]